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For new purchases, the vehicle of choice is the Honda Civic GX.  This model, produced in Indiana, is factory-made (also known as Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM).  The GX is the same overall vehicle as the gasoline powered LX except the gasoline tank, fuel pump, and fuel lines have been removed.  Minor modifications are made to the engine.

The GX has the following CNG components added in place of the gasoline system:  a single 8-gallon equivalent (8 GGE) CNG fuel cylinder, stainless-steel fuel lines, CNG regulator, and a CNG fuel receptacle.  The CNG cylinder is made of Type 4 construction.  Type 4 cylinders are non-metallic with all carbon-fiber construction are light-weight and corrosion resistant. The GX's fuel cylinder is pressurized to 3,600 psi.  SCUBA recreational diving equipment is pressurized to 3,000 psi and firefighter SCBA equipment is pressurized to 4,000 psi.  The 8-gallon equivalent cylinder delivers range of approximately 250 miles.

The GX has a 1.8L-I4 aluminum alloy engine rated to 113 horsepower at 6300 rpm.  The engine has a multi-port natural gas fuel injection direct ignition system.  The GX is the cleanest internal combustion engine vehicle on the planet according to the US EPA.  The GX is rated as an AT-PZEV (Advanced Technology - Partial Zero Emission Vehicle).

The GX is approximately $25,000 retail.  The GX is eligible for a $4,000 federal tax credit.  See for more information.  The local New England dealer is Manchester Honda in Manchester, CT.  The contact is Craig Peters at (860) 645-3100 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For second-hand purchases, a wide variety of vehicles can be found on a number of websites.  Local auctions are also a source of second-hand vehicles – mainly from state or utility fleets.  Purchasers of second-hand CNG vehicles must insure that the on-board CNG cylinders have been visually inspected.  These inspections are required once every three (3) years.  The inspections must be performed by a certified CNG cylinder inspector.

Websites offering second-hand CNG vehicles for sale include:

All AVSG's CNG stations are open to private consumers.  AVSG requires each new CNG vehicle driver to be properly trained at one of our station sites.  After this training session (approximately 30 minutes), the driver can refuel, at any time, on their own.

All AVSG's CNG stations accept MasterCard and VISA credit/debit cards for payment.