Commercial Transportation

For on-road applications, we can offer solutions for fleets looking to transition from diesel or gasoline to CNG.  For off-road applications, we can offer solutions for fleets looking to convert forktrucks or ice resurfacers from gasoline or propane (LPG) to CNG.

AVSG can offer a one-stop turnkey solution for businesses investigating a transition to CNG.  The best way to transition a fleet to CNG is during the retirement of existing diesel or gasoline vehicles.  Currently, there is a large array of dedicated CNG vehicles offered by a number of different Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) including:

For medium and heavy-duty trucks and yard tractors:

  • Freightliner:  M2 tractors and M2 112 straight chassis trucks
  • Kenworth:  T470
  • Peterbuilt: 365 and 384
  • Ottawa
  • Capacity
For trash trucks:
  • Autocar
  • Crane Carrier
  • International-Condor
  • Mack
  • Peterbuilt
For street sweepers:
  • Allianz-Johnston
  • Elgin
  • Schwarze
  • Tymco
  • GM-Impco

Other commercial vehicles, such as vans and pickup trucks can be converted to CNG by a number of nationally certified companies (for new purchases only).  Currently, there is a large array of CNG vehicle conversions offered by BAF Landi-RenzoTechnologies (primarily Ford products) and Baytech Corporation (primarily GM products).  Both companies offer conversions which meet both US EPA and California Air Resources Board (CARB) certifications.  Conversions with both certifications are eligible for deployment in all fifty states.  

The most updated list of available vehicles can be found at: