About Us

AVSG: Proving The Natural Alternative

Providing the Foundation for Clean, Efficient Fuel Consumption

Alternative Vehicle Service Group LP, known simply as AVSG, is New England's leader in comprehensive compressed natural gas (CNG) solutions. Since our founding in 1992, AVSG has embraced and promoted alternative fuel consumption through more than one dozen public CNG fueling stations, strategic partnerships and a commitment to environmentally conscious service.

Our CNG Fueling Stations

As the largest and most active player in New England's CNG market, ASVG currently owns and operates one dozen CNG fueling stations - including CNG station locations in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Our stations range from small-scale installations to large-scale locations that support entire fleets of commuter buses.

Partnering for Success

AVSG firmly believes in establishing strategic partnerships to help us promote the importance and efficiency of using natural gas an an alternative fuel. We are an authorized dealer of the following premier CNG compressors:

  • Fuelmaker
  • Bauer
  • Ariel
  • Greenfield~Sulzer~Atlas Copco
We provide sales, installation, leasing and service for clients in the Northeast U.S. We currently maintain more than 50 CNG station installations in the region. Additional partners include utility providers and both public and private transportation companies who are committed to using CNG as an alternative, clean and domestic fuel source.

Dedication to Unmatched Service

Service is at the core of successful CNG programs. Ensuring smart, efficient CNG management - and being able to respond to urgent matters as they arise - is the most critical driver of our success.

AVSG's sister company, Consolidated Utilities Corporation, exclusively services CNG fueling stations and maintains facilities at an average uptime of 98 percent or greater. Please review the CNG Service section of this web site for more information on our commitment to service.


AVSG's leadership exudes a passion for eco-friendly fuel consumption and promotion. Our executives are themselves engineers who strive to make CNG a viable, long-term solution for alternative fuel needs.

AVSG's management team includes:

  • Babak Alizadeh -President
  • J. Nicholas (Nick) Burns - Vice President - Engineering & Operations
  • Elizabeth M. Alizadeh (CPA) - Vice President - Finance
  • Michael (Mike) Manning – Director of Marketing and Business Development
  • Scott Zepp - Director of Marketing and Business Development

For more information on AVSG and our best-in-class CNG solutions, please contact us today.